Prayer Request
About us

The most important part of the work we do together,
is revealing our wholeness...

If you have a physical condition, an emotional blockage, or anything that needs healing, please don’t leave our website without making a prayer request!

Our licensed Practitioners offer this service on Sundays at Haynes Community Center after our Celebration as a gift so that you can begin revealing your wholeness now!

Affirmative Prayer or what we call Spiritual Mind Treatment, is an effective tool which enables us to clear our subconscious mind of beliefs and ideas that block our good.

The result is a greater experience of wholeness and joy!!!

As our Prayer Ministry Team holds the Higher Truth of your desire for you,
it is up to you to be receptive to your demonstration of good!!!

Once you have completed your request, a prayer will magically appear below...

Please recite the prayer in the morning and in the evening
and your greater good is guaranteed to manifest!!!

If you would like further information about affirmative prayer,
please contact Rev. Heidi at 505.922.1200.

Donations support our Prayer Ministry Team,
and they are gratefully accepted at:
P. O. Box 15434; Rio Rancho, New Mexico   87174

“It is  done unto us as we believe”